The Five Most Important Things to Remember About Dating Women

There really is very little rhyme or reason to success at the dating game. It doesn’t matter if you find it stressful, invigorating, or horrible, you’re never going to find your soul mate unless you get off the bench and join in. men, you absolutely must date women if you’re ever going to find the one that best suits you. With that said, here is some useful advice for you.

Successful dating can be divided into the five most important tips about dating women. Here they are.

1. Women are not men. They don’t enjoy you making funny noises with your mouth or your armpits. Even when they get drunk and loose, they still don’t want to partake in these types of activities. Save this type of stuff for when you’re hanging out with the guys.

2. Women are not men. They don’t think it’s cute when you brag about the previous women you had a relationship with. They really don’t care to hear about the brain-less blonde who didn’t have much to say, but had a great body. Nor do they find it cute or entertaining when every woman in an establishment knows and greets her man. You should take your date to a place you’ve not been before just to play it safe. Also, never mention your ex girlfriend to her.

3. Women are not men. They don’t get excited about dating you when you show up at their front door in your grunge look with a cheap pizza in your hand. Believe me. Perhaps after you’ve been dating for quite some time, you can get away with this. But my suggestion is to make every attempt to look nice for your date. Maybe wear a pair of khakis and a pullover. Bring flowers, not fast food. หนังโป๊

4. Women are not men. They will raise an eyebrow of unbelief if you pull out a buy one get one free coupon to pay for dinner. Looking for bargains is a great idea. But save your coupons for when you’re treating your mom or one of your buddies to dinner. You don’t want your date to think that you don’t believe she’s worth full price.

5. Women are not men. They don’t think of burping and farting contests as group entertainment. Being able to belch to a popular song will not be viewed as cool by your date, either. Again you should save these antics for when you’re hanging out with the fellas.

Remembering these five most important things will take you a long ways with going out on subsequent dates with the same woman. Some other advice you find might say that you should just be yourself. That is good advice to a degree. You want to show your date your best side before giving them the not-so-good truth about yourself.

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