Rank 1st in Google For Any Niche Using Backlinks

Backlinks results in Success. That is an important thing to know when trying to rank high on the search engines databases. If you are a beginner to internet marketing or you have created a site and want to know how to get it recognized let me take the time to explain to you what a backlink is and how to use backlinks to skyrocket your website(s) to the first page of any niche keyword of your choice.

In very basic terms, a backlink is when an internet user is re-directed to your website via a regular link (hyper-text). Now you might be a little confused in how this will send you to the first page on Google so let me explain it. For every backlink linking to your website, Google will count it as 1 vote. The more ‘votes’ you get, the more popular your site becomes. Eventually as you build your backlinks you will have so many of these so-called ‘votes’, that Google will recognize your site to be popular due to the common buzz amongst other sites, hence ranking you higher and higher on the search engine pages until you hit the very top and land your site on the number 1 position.

Simple Right? 구글광고대행

Unfortunately it isn’t that simple. There are many different variables that Google and other search engines use to decide on who should be in the top 10 ranks. Ever heard the saying ‘quality over quantity’? I am a quantity kind of person. I love everything in mass amounts which is exactly what you DON’T want to do when building backlinks. Google analyzes the Page-Ranks (how popular a site is from 0 – 10, 10 being the best and 1 being the worst). If you post your backlinks on thousands of websites with a Page Rank of 0-3, Google wont really pay attention to it as the websites that you posted on aren’t considered to be sites with ‘high authority.’ Lets take a look at an example:

There are two websites that are exactly the same with the same content on them both. The first website was recommended by your next door neighbor, while the second website was recommended by the Queen of England. If you were to only choose to view one website, the majority of you would go to the site that the Queen recommended and that is because she has more authority and power. This is very much like posting your backlinks on low-profile websites compared to websites with Page-Rank of 5+. This is where many beginners seem to go wrong as they think that quantity is better than quality.

Now that you understand which sites you should post your backlinks on for maximizing Google Rankings, you can find out the best methods and places that most internet marketers use to get quality one-way backlinks to your website. You can download a completely FREE backlinking report [http://www.getfreebacklinks4u.com] by clicking this link or the one below!

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