Buying Office Chairs: Features That You Should Consider For A Comfortable Posture

Have you thought about all the time you spend the whole day sitting in front of your desk? And do you think about what you are doing to your muscles daily while sitting for how many years now? Are you surprised of the pains you feel after a whole day’s work? You will surely put the blame to the old office chair that you use for sitting day in and day out after all these years. You are now contemplating to buy a new and ergonomic one but try to consider these factors first before doing so. 오피

• Height. Ergonomic chairs should be adjustable to the height of the person using it. They must offer a comfortable foot rest on the floor while the owner sits on them. Some chairs allow the user to hang his legs leaving an uncomfortable and sore feeling at the end of the day. The user will feel pains at the back, neck and legs because there’s no room for stretching and doing exercises on the seat during minute breaks. This is because the chair is either too high or the user is too short. For a comfortable, relaxing and satisfying sitting posture, ergonomic chairs should be adjusted with your feet planted firmly on the floor and your knee cap at level with the height of the seat.

• Armrest. Ergonomic office chairs should have arms to provide the right support for the hands and shoulders. Office workers continually use the computer while working at their desk, therefore the need to rest the hands on the arms of the chair is essential. This is to lend support to the muscles that are prone to muscle twinges and strains when exposed to routine and tedious office work. Purchase ergonomic chairs with adjustable arms that can be easily flexed according to the user’s need. This will prevent stress and hand injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome that will develop with constant use of the hands without resting.

• Headrest. Ergonomic chairs should also have proper headrest to support the head and neck. This is vital for workers who are always on the phone and answering machines. This is also essential for those on breaks who don’t want to get up from their chairs during breaks and would like to doze off for a while. However, there is a drawback with these kinds of chairs since they are bulky and will not be fitted in a tiny workspace. Ensure buying the ones with a bendable headrest that can be shifted up and down to achieve the most comfortable position.

• Back support. Ergonomic chairs should also provide the appropriate back support to avoid back strain. The back is the one that is frequently exposed to body pain. These chairs should allow office employees to hold up their back and the backbone correctly aligned with the body. This is rightfully done when the chair gently surrounds and wraps the back part while seated. Therefore, consider looking at the size of the chair first before finally deciding to buy one.

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