An Update on The Term Matka Boss And How You Can Become The Boss

The Satta Matka is the traditional form of Indian gambling and it is only in a few places that the modern casino has made its presence felt. This was primarily the unorganized form of gambling, which existed in India over the past six decades. It was right after Ankur Jugar ceased to exist that the Kalyan Satta Matka came into prominence. This is a number guessing game and welcomed in large numbers by the Indian gambling community. Initially, it existed in an unorganized form and to some extent, there were doubts regarding the legality of this game. However, recently the government has granted legal status to the online Satta Matka, and ever since that, the popularity has only soared. One could participate and once you dabble a bit in the game, the term of a Matka boss will be on your radar. There will be a desire to know more and let us discuss.

Who is this individual?

There could be mention of a Matka boss or a king and there will certainly be a desire to know the detail. This was a title usually reserved for top operators in the market and plenty of gamblers till today know that the Matka king is none other than Ratan Khatri. He was a renowned operator, who ran these markets unchallenged for two and a half decades since 1990. It is after his death that the concept of a boss or a king in the Satta Matka markets changed completely. It is now that the crown goes to the most successful participants of the markets.

Can I become the boss of the Matka markets?

This will set you thinking on whether you can become a boss or the king of the Matka markets. The reason for the thought process is perhaps because the crown can now be worn by participants. We would like to say that by simply participating in the bets, you cannot think of achieving that crown. The need of the hour is to engage in smart betting and not randomly guess the numbers. The issue of lucky charm or lucky number will not work here and there is a need to make planned moves. It is tough to be a boss of the Matka market but not impossible because people are achieving their goals.

How do you bet in the best manner?

Since you are participating online, one of the priorities will be to access a reliable website and register with them. You will not be visiting in person and hence the registration is necessary. As you get down to the bets, one must refrain from Simple Matka guessing. We have spoken earlier that the key will be to make planned betting moves. You can seek help from reliable websites and get tips. It is via the tips you can have a grasp of everything unfolding on the Matka board. It should now be easy to make more correct guesses and you can mint money. Slowly you will become successful and be the boss of the Satta Matka markets.

Is My Child Ready for a Smartphone?

Should I get my kid a smartphone? What you are really asking is: Does your child possess the self restraint, impulse control and willpower to turn it off? Can they ignore the noise and let it wait till the appropriate time or otherwise resist responding to the constant stimulus from it? Or will they be like Pavlov’s dog, subconsciously responding to the phone every time it dings. There are dozens of articles, many of them good, but few address the question at its core. Is my kid mature enough to process that level of stimuli without becoming debilitated by it? Is my child ready to have a device in their pocket 24-7 that has access to every part of the internet, social media, files, interactions, apps and whatnot?

The short answer is NO, most people under the age of 23 don’t possess the impulse control or self restraint to not jump to the phones every time it makes a noise. There are many studies that point to the fact that the fast moving pixels, the instant response from the friends, the likes on that Instagram photo or what ever, all provide an instant shot of gratification, a dopamine burst that provides a neural response similar to a small hit of an opium or a kiss or driving to fast. This little rush reinforces their need to respond to the device. It rewards them for jumping to its whim and makes them feel bad when they don’t. Many experts have deemed this negative input, this bad feeling when you don’t immediately respond to the ding as FOMO or Fear of Missing Out. In short, someone somewhere said something and if I don’t look at it right now I will have less information than everyone else I know. I will be the one left out. This is one reason that according to experts, kids especially young girls, would rather allow cyber bullying to happen than tell to an adult and chance losing their smartphone.

As a parent, while your tween or teen having a smartphone can be very convenient for you, it can also be very dangerous. If your child isn’t very careful, well educated and trained to its proper use, a smartphone can be a direct conduit to your child for any stalker or online predator. oppo f17 pro

Most kids have three very dangerous misconceptions. First, especially starting around the age of 13, they think that their parents are stupid, that they are out of touch, and that parents couldn’t possibly understand what is going on in the real world and therefore parents are just making rules and observations based on the parents need to make the kids life miserable. Second, they think they themselves are smarter, wiser or more street smart than they really are, and probably more than all the people around them who are having issues in this area. They don’t think “Hey, my friend just had an issue online with this site, so it may be dangerous” but instead they think “Wow, that friend just messed up. How silly of them. I will be way smarter and therefore much safer when I do that very same thing… “. Third, they think that everyone on the internet is exactly who they say they are. You see, only time and experience builds the kind of cynicism needed to survive the internet today. We can tell them to doubt everything, to question everything, but they don’t listen to that. They “know that we say to not trust anyone online, but that means just weird people the perverts and the creeps, not my new friend Jimmy that lives in another state who I just met on Instagram and who is really cool and understands me better than any adult could… ” Even though Jimmy is probably a 48 year old bald guy living in his parents basement four blocks away who has already been on the sex offenders list for several years… Kids are trusting of everyone except authority. Also, taking chances and living dangerously online is a thrill. It seems very safe because it is apparently disconnected from the danger, however, most kids are not experienced or savvy enough to truly keep themselves safe. Like an adult driving an SUV, the physical platform provides the illusion of safety by separating and elevating the user and surrounding them with an apparent buffer, when in actuality, it is much less safe because they are lulled into taking more chances, being more lax, posting things they would “never say in person”and therefore opening the door for anyone who actually is malicious to step in and slowly gather information regarding them without their realizing it. This is also why they are so surprised and don’t know how to respond when there is a problem. This level of separation that seemingly protects them from the people on the internet, this virtual hedge they are hiding behind to say and do things they normally wouldn’t, also shields the threat from their view too. Stalkers and Trolls prefer to exist online because of the same anonymity that your children are trying to hide behind. Because of this, your kids seem perfectly safe right up to the point were the predator shows up at their door.